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I had the pleasure of puppy sitting this adorable border collie puppy for the day. His mom won a photoshoot in a fund-raiser auction that I had donated. I picked Grit up from her early in the morning and we did several short photo sessions throughout the day. He was a star! He loved my cats, he was just curious enough to not be annoying, and they were fast enough to hop up on the fence and get away from him when he chased them!



Grit loved to play with every toy I threw his way, but his favorite thing of the day was Chops (alex). He shadowed ChopsĀ and learned some new things such as how tasty grass is, but you have to choose the right pieces, and it’s better to roll on your back in the sun, but if you want to stretch out and nap you’re better off in the shade. Life lessons that he will have for all of his days, no doubt.


I took Grit to several locations on the Chops Property and fully expected he would wander off sniffing, so I kept a long line on him for peace of mind. He did not leave the front view of my camera once. He was totally engaged with me, playing, posing, being a puppy just for me! He could have a professional career as a dog model. Grit will be back for another session as he grows up (sigh… which will be quick, of course) and I can’t wait to see if he still fits under Chops’ legs!