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Jacoby is one of those incredibly fortunate dogs who gets to have all kinds of adventures with her dad, Joe. They go on river hikes. They run several miles a day. They go on car rides. They play, and play, and play some more. Joe lives to serve 6-year-old Jacoby, and isn’t ashamed to admit it.

But Jacoby has a favorite pastime and it involves the dock. When she knows she’s headed for a swim she can hardly contain herself, bounding up and down the halls, each second that Joe takes searching for his keys and towel feeling like an eternity for the chocolate girl.

Few sights in our little corner of the world are as joyous as a vibrant dog booming down a runway and flinging themselves through the air, each jump process expending more energy than most humans do in a week. I love watching Jacoby, but I love watching Joe too. He wears a grin to match her exuberance and they are a perfect pair.