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Adorable puppies Annabel and Verona were so much fun to work with. Energy for days, and so great together, rolling each other in the tall grass, investigating everything. I could have watched them play all day.


Both of these girls are being fostered by my friend Laurie through On Angel’s Wings, a wonderful rescue in Crystal Lake, IL. OAW has a great resale shop and proceeds go to their animals.


These particular pups were from a momma dog (who has since been adopted) that was found in Missouri and taken in as a stray. The litter had nine pups, and all have been adopted except for these two.


Annabel loves to give kisses. She is hard to resist.


Verona is the best at cuddling. Also hard to resist. Who doesn’t love a good cuddle?


For more information on how to meet one of these sweethearts, please visit On Angel’s Wings in Crystal Lake, IL. Or check out their Facebook page.